Friday, July 13, 2018

You're So Cool

Wanna see something eerie? Check out this video.
How bout them lyrics?
I had someone tell me, "You post a lot on Instagram, you really flood the feed." Then someone mentioned, " Wow! You follow way more people than those who follow you"
So, I guess I do not follow Social Media Etiquette?
Am I supposed too?
Here's the deal, like this blog, I love to document and save my thoughts and memories.  
Have I ever follow the rules or the norm?
I've set myself free from the opinion of others long, long ago. 
My FB and Instagram are set to private.
I get so many weirdo requests, I would hate to know these peeps are looking at my content. No Thank You!
Social Media is what you make it.
I love my social media it doesn't make me depressed, everyone I follow inspires me.  I find out about new bands, restaurants, recipes, art shows and dance moves. Haahaa!!
What's EERIE to me,
is how people create a fake Social Media Persona.
Over Edited Photos etc...
Man, no one keeps it real no more.
Dating Sites, Profile Bio's and over analyzing the shit outta people before you meet them.
Yea, Ill keep to what I'm doing. 
It's less serious, and more fun to flood the feed and not care.
Oh what is the world coming too?
But hey, how bout the Art Direction for that video above?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Back to Portland I go

It's been far too long.
I have not been back to Portland since 2014.
I guess it's important to travel to new places.
I got really lucky this time around.
My friend Amy scored a comped trip to Portland,
and she invited me to join her ♥
A week from now, I'll be eating some awesome food and hiking some new spots. 
I wanna find a cool, Dark Wave dance spot too.
I shall boogie to my hearts delight.
If only my fav band(at the momento), which happens to be out of Portland was playing a show. I guess we can't have it all?
 † Soft Kill † 

Here's a newbie

Soviet Soviet

I totally dig 
Soviet Soviet

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Art is in the eye of the beholder

It felt like old times as a teen. Squeezing through a small, wire cut, hole in a fence, to explore an old abandoned warehouse. Amy and I climbed a sturdy fire escape to check out the view of the Bay. It was so beautiful and exhilarating. Amy snapped this photo of me below. Its nice to see a raw photo of myself, unedited with no filter and appreciate it. 
This is my first time posting on this Blogger app, I cant figure out how to post under or below each photo. Sooo, I'll ramble some more. We went to two art galleries this as well. The photo of myself and Husband, Anthony Bourdain Rules!! Haa!! I'm trying to take advantage of all the cool artist that cruise through San Francisco. So many galleries, so little time. 
Enjoy my unorganized post. In time I'll figure this app out, or just continue to post on my desktop.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Get On Down!!!

Tuesday Morning Solo Dance Off
was in full effect!! 
Thank You Curtis for being smooth!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

We Swim with The Moon

Welcome Summer Solstice!
Two cups of coffee deep,
laundry done, grocery shopping complete,
and eating a homemade bacon, avocado and egg burrito!
It's only 9:30am.
I'm totally ruling thus far.
So, I've been dancing around the house
to this jam by
Still Corners.
It's sooo dreamy.

I love you Universe.
I love you Planet Earth.
I love you Moon.
I love you Sun.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Last month in May, I went to Japan
for 10 days.
I went to visit my son who is serving in the Navy.
Currently he is stationed in Yokosuka.
Which is only 35 miles south of Tokyo!!
Woot! Woot!
Can I just say, I LOVE JAPAN!!
The people are so sweet, polite.  It's super clean, great food, killer record stores, fun bars and lots of shopping.
I wish I could live there for one year.
I was lucky to explore:
and Yokohama!!

 ( Harry Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo)
 (Alleyway in Yokohama)
(Alleyway Yokohama)
(I found friends)

(Neon Bar Signs in the Golden Gai, Shinjuku)

(Raddest Bar during my whole trip, 
MOTHER Rockbar, Shinjuku)

(Piss Alley, Tokyo)
(Cartwheels on Nobi Beach, click image) 


(Ice Cream & The Great Buddha of Kamakura)

(Harajuku, Tokyo)
 (Flash Disk Ranch. Coolest Record Store!)

 ( The infamous Fifi! Owner of Poor Cow Bar, lead singer of Firestarter)
(Shimokitazawa,Tokyo Rules!!)

Of course I snapped like 100 photos of food.  One night we had our dinner and drinks paid for. Hahahah!! An old drunk Japanese man fell in love with me, so he insisted on paying for our whole dinner. Yea, I was a Hot Commodity for the Senior Citizens in Japan. Anyway, here's a few of my favorites.
Our Nobi Beach Club Airbnb was a Traditional Japanese House.  Here's my room.
The Special Part of this trip was watching my son's ceremony.
Pinned and Ranked Up!
I'm so happy this coincidentally happened while I was in town.

Stellar Times.

The Flame Blew Out

5am Friday morning my alarm goes off. 
Hit the snooze, my screen opens up.
Only words I read are, 
in this order: 
I whimper, 
He's dead!!
Anthony Bourdain is dead!!"
I stop breathing for a couple of seconds.
Why am I devastated over the death of someone whom I've never met?
Still hurts today.
It has to be because this "person" plays a significant role in something you've been through. Although, Anthony Bourdain is not a song nor a band, he has influenced me tremendously. He's magical like music.
Mr. Bourdain was my Idol.  
My dream husband 
(and I'm not into the idea of marriage)
2012, I traveled alone to New York to visit and stay with my dear friend. I was invited to go to NYC for years.  But I was too scared, didn't want to leave my boyfriend (who was invited, but doesn't fly), did not want to leave my son, didn't know if I could afford it etc... The usual bullshit.
After watching an episode of "Parts Unknown" 
I said Fuck It!
I'll find a sitter, I'll penny pinch,
I'll let my boyfriend know he can come along, but I'm outta here.
Booked the flight in a month.
Best decision EVER!!!!
My dream has been to travel.
Because of Anthony Bourdain, I took the PLUNGE. 
You have to create your dream life.
You're the author of your autobiography.
The secret is, 
everything you want is within your grasp.
Grab Life By The Horns!!
† I still admire him. Regardless of his "Exit" †
Thank you Bourdain for being
consistently cool,
a true soul rebel, 
inspiring to so many.
I'm going to miss you.
Rest in Paradise

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Lykke Li does it again

Happy Mother's Day to myself, my beautiful Mother and all the other Mom's out there.
What we do is immeasurable.
I love you Lykke Li
Happy Mothers Day to you too!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Loner Diaries

Lately I've been going on solo day trips.
Now that I only have two friends. 
The last year, I've really tried to focus on
Vibrating Higher.
So, when you do,
certain energies
I truly am my own Best Friend.
Monday I took a drive down Highway 9.
 I really wanted to check out the 
New James Dean Mural
I have another photo of myself and Dean at his last Pitstop near Barstow.
That one is from my Road Trip with my Momma back in 2013.
Anyway, Im a fan of John Cerney's work and I was so stoked when I found out he did the mural at The Brookdale Lodge. 
The Haunted Famous Brookdale Lodge (I had my 26th Birthday and Slumber Party There).

I met this cool dude Hank, he was supposed to kick me off the property. Yea, I broke in. Its currently under construction. I squeezed through a crack in the fence.
But whatevs.
He was totally cool and snapped a photo of me in front of Dean. 
 I trickled on down 9 to have a drink at my Fav Bar, Monty's
(feeling myself)
Then I went over to the Big Foot Museum and hung out with Mike the Owner.
We discussed aliens and all his Sasquash Stories. 
Cruising back home I heard this song.
I was so consumed in the moment.
It's so pretty.

Being a Loner is not all that bad.
I'm into it