Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday The 13th

I thought you were the sweetest kill
(play this song now)
(My wrist above)

(all images from Tumblr, besides the 1st one, It's mine)

A Tulle Unicorn?

Thom Browne Spring 2018
That tulle Unicorn tho!!
(Video from M2M)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Allen Jones

Allen Jones
the 80 year old 
artist, sculptor, painter and educator from
Southampton, england.
You have my soul!
Love your work.

You're the only one
(images borrowed from Google Images)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hey You! Get off of my cloud!

When I'm doing fine.
Misery comes along and tries to pay me a visit.
I say, Hey You! Get Off Of my Cloud!!
We can't hang around because two is a crowd on my cloud, Baby!

 (singing this in my Mick Jagger voice)
In order to continue the progression forward, I must not allow certain energies back into my life. especially if I have to read between the lines when someone is attempting to make truce.
Protect The Temple 24/7
Life is crazy.
To stay sane is a task, its a religion.
elements surface to shake things up.
I've cleaned house.
Things are cool right now.
So I'll ride this wave till it's time to jump on to the next.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Glass is Half Full

So this post is going to be all over the place.
Because I am the girl who has the eyes of a cat
during the dark chaos.
(art by erte)
So now that my super power has been exposed, I shall
The media has spewed a lot of negative realities. I could waste space and dig deep and discuss, but why?? It saddens my heart.  And I've had enough of that shit.
This past Sunday I saw something beautiful. 
After leaving the liquor store, there was a mentally ill(possibly homeless) man sitting on the sidewalk. I gazed at him to see if he was ok because he was trembling a bit. But i was too scared to get close, so I continued on and got into the car. As I was chit chatting with Dre, I noticed a young Hispanic boy, about 10 years old handing the man two individually wrapped sandwiches and a bottled water. My window was down, and they were only a few feet away and I said, "look Dre! How cute, that little boy just gave that man food, a homemade sandwich. He gave him two! What a sweet kid, what a nice young man" The little boy looked up at me and smiled, they both smiled. As the little boy walked away and the man devoured his sandwich, I noticed the stiff demeanor of the little boy's walk.  I had embarrassed him possibly? I didn't mean too. Watching him stiffly walk away to his apartment complex, I just started bawling my eyeballs out.
That moment made me realize, there is still kindness and compassion in this world. 
We are in control of how we perceive life.
Perhaps to someone else, that was just a kid talking to a dirty crazy man.
Not to me.
The media may be poisoning our brains with all this negative energy, and it sucks.  But the world is still beautiful, and everyday we should do something kind for someone.  Because this love will spread. And Love is what the world needs right now.
"Well, I don't know, but I've been told.  You never slow down, you never grow old"
When I used to sing Karaoke, Tom Petty was my go-to.  Mary Jane's Last Dance and Free Falling.  Those were my SONGS!! 
I had a greyhound at The 500 Club in SF this past Sunday.  I was reminiscing to the days they would do karaoke on Sundays at 5pm. I made my debut with Free Falling. It was rad, I grabbed some random chick to sing with me and everyone else sang along. Good Times.  May you rest in peace Tom Petty!! You're Free!
"I wanna glide down, over Mulholland, I wanna write her name in the sky. I'm gonna free fall out into nothing. Gonna Leave This World For Awhile"
A couple weeks back
my friend Amy and I went to the Museum of Ice Cream.
Sooooo Fun!!!
I took a gazillion pictures, but I'm not going to flood this post.
You get the picture, no pun intented.
(I sing Cherry Baby instead of Sherry)
My childhood dreams finally came true.
eating a miniature ice cream cone whilst straddling a Unicorn.

Pop Rocks 

Stay Positive

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just Breathe

Take 10 mintutes to crank the volume on this.
You deserve to feel weightless.
expel your daily stresses
Float inside your imagination
No Drugs Needed

Monday, September 11, 2017

You have everything

You can't have it all

I missed the Soft Kill Show.
B U T !!!
I attended my first 
Growlers Show!
I had a blast!
I danced, shimmyied and boogied down! 
These bad boys performed a 2 hour show.
Why haven't I checked out these Fellows before, is the question?
Big Thanks to my friend Amy for opening this door. 
* This Cover Tho *

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How do you do?

I have climbed up and out of this tangled web.
Today it hit me, lying under the trees at the end of my yoga class.
I'm cleansed.
At this moment my surroundings
are healthy.
I'm happy with my job(s)
I'm happy in my relationship(s)
I'm not depressed about my son moving to Japan.
I've got my drinking under control.
My health is in prime condition.
My adventures in nature are abundant.
I sing and dance all day, everyday(finally)
I knew I would finally get back on track.
I refuse to allow anymore negativity into my Temple.
That shit will drag you down to the depths of hell.

I thought this happiness was just visiting.
I realized it today.
I'm back to my Old Self.
going against the grain and knowing you will survive.
when others opinions do not matter to you.
having a grasp on your happiness and knowing no one can take it from you.
when your first true love is yourself.
Life is short.
I choose to not live blind. 
I will not sacrifice my time 
living a lie
Set Yourself Free

I'm Set Free!!


Friday, August 25, 2017


Let this pump through your veins!

Skipping the Bay Area, Chameleons/Soft Kill Show this year, fingers crossed I can afford to see them in LA.
Universe send me all the good Juju!
I really really need to go to this show!
Happy Friday!