Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Minka Sicklinger

Such a Dreamy Beauty:
Minka Sicklinger
It would be an honor to be tattooed by her.
This will happen, guys.  It will
video and images via: Boat People Vintage
video via: StyleLikeU
"Jewlery for me is adornment, it's also how I see tattoos, they're jewlery to me" - Minka Sicklinger

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mazzy Star

New single released!
New album out soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Take Everything!!

13.5 Days till I'm in the same room with MISS WORLD!!! 
Courtney Love at The Independent SF JULY Mutha Fu*kin 25th!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Philly and 24 Hours in NYC

I had a nice get-away a week ago. It's funny how it seems like it was week(S) ago.  I went to Philly to visit my childhood buddy Gina.  We have been friends since 2nd grade.  She has been in Philly now for 13 years.  I had the pleasure of seeing Philly from a locals perspective and met most of her awesome friends.  I was excited to meet Angela Marie Monaco of Concrete Polish.  WE share the same first and middle name and our moms names are GINA... Ha! Totally Rad... Anyway here are some pictures from my adventure.  I always say this but I wish I took more.
EEK! I hate flying
Couch at Tattooed Mom's
This statue had me in AW
Enormous relief sculpture at the Philly Bus Station
 Social Club has a cute facade
Mutter Museum gave me the creeps. I loved it 
Gina and our artist Kyle Fitzpatrick in front of Northern Liberty Tattoo
 Gina and I got Friendship Arrows. My forever Philly Souvenir
We took the YO! bus to New York
Beside the great food we also went to a pretty dope art show that had a cool band from SPAIN and DJ's.. Whoot Whoot!
 Trying to be cute in the humidity ha!
 Check out this ADORBS Bodega Kitty
Stayed in Williamsburg at my buddy Rico's. His hood is beautifully decorated in Graf.

 NY is always fun, its hard to say bye
Returned to Philly to enjoy a Cabana BDay PArty, and I tried Apple Pie Moonshine for the first time at a BAD Ass BBQ. 

Good Times Man!
I love how the east coast party's on rooftops and everyones pretty friendly and cool. Till Next Years!! CHEERS!