Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love it!

damstyle.blogspot.com has pics of Amsterdam Street Style...Cool blog check it out... 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Friday, and I'm in Love!

Woke up, got ready, hopped on my bicycle and met up with my buddy Julius.  We took a stroll down to Smoke Tiki Lounge, and had some Ahi Poki Salad, Tri-Tip and a Beer...Everything was to die for.  My good buddy Shannon works as lead Chef in the kitchen and he HOOKED it up!!  Then we traveled to the Farmers Market (a couple blocks away) and I picked up some flowers and relaxed at the Firehouse (which has an awesome patio).. There, we socialized and had another beer....Yum!!  I went home to wait for Boyfriend to get off work.  And when he arrived, we  jumped back on the bikes,  got Jules and headed off BACK to Smoke Tiki to listen to live music and nibble on appetizers.... Good Times

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Bought my first IMAC a couple weeks ago, isn't she a beauty? She's got a nice B I G 20inch screen, that just exudes SEXINESS!!   Anyway, I bought MAC Momma off craigslist, from a DeAnza Professor, so its legit, not stolen... I cant afford a new IMAC, so this G5 (which is 4 years old) will have to do... And she's amazing. I also purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4, from my buddy Bill, who just so happens to work at Adobe, and he got it at his employee price.  Yaye Yaye!!!! It includes all the software I need to showcase my talent and shove it into a portfolio... And I didnt have to break the wallet.  I'm excited! Watch Out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You are my Obsession

There was a time in my life, that when I looked at Johnny Depp, I felt a connection....I was not embarrassed to talk about it with anyone, because I was sooooo sure that Johnny and I had a future together. (Im laughing right now, serious.) I felt this warmth deep in my heart, a comfort zone, like we were two souls destined to find one another( Im laughing again) I was positive that if he ever set eyes on me, he would fall head over heels. I told myself that I would not be a home wrecker, so he would have to be separated from Vannessa Pardis, to even consider taking me out on a date. (hahhaaa, Im Nucking Futs!) It's been almost 4 years since my last "Obsessed with Johnny Depp Day" Then I came across this photo, and when I looked at Johnny, then at Kate, then back at Johnny, I realized it was just puppy love, I never really loved him, I was OBSESSED!!! I cant complain, he was the best obsession EVER!!! I wish it could happen all over again.............But that doesnt mean, If I am on vacation in Paris, sitting outside a Bohemian cafe sipping, on tea, and Johnny (In a Flirtatious manner) comes right up and asks "Would you happen to have a light, my dear?" You bet my reply will be " Of course Handsome" then I will spend the rest of the day, with Johnny, as my Paris Tour Guide... Uhummmmmm......... Yea, I'm sooooo over him..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I swear, I NEVER have nice nails..... Being a Bartender is not Glamorous.... I paint my nails and they look sexy, then i go to work, and i leave home with crack-head nails....This pic was shot at Fabers Cyclery, its like a salvage yard for bikes. As i was sitting in the rubbish (Believe it or not, I love Junk Yards, I do!) I stared down at my hands and realized, "Geez!! What a mess! It looks like Im back here wrentchin on greasy bikes!" So I think I should keep the nails neat with a clear nailpolish and keep a nail file close, REAL close...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Doin what we do best!

What would I do without Estate Sales? I wouldn't own most of my cool treasures(yep, thats what I call them)..... The boyfriend and I set out in the morning and just drive, until we spot a sign, then we follow, then jump out, hunt and score!!! We are soo addicted, but its a hobby that we both love. Especially since it doesn't break the bank. $