Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Kate

Stil Modeling and Still looking hOt. How can you not love her, she was with Johhny Depp. Yummy. The first image was from Le Smoking I love her blog. Real Cool

To be Young Dumb and in LOve

Angel A

Funny, this is actually a cool movie. A tad bit slow but there is something to learn from it. I rented this movie awhile ago, because i was like " Hey a movie with my name on it!" then when i read the back it said the name Andre` (my boyfriends name), Im so cheesy, i was SOLD! Check it out!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Give'm the Cold Shoulder

Im so into these pointy shoulders. Awesome!

Coco Rocha

I'm in love her.  She is adorable.


Wrote this in my new i-D Mag.  Thats how I am feeling today.  I want more.  Sometimes you forget that you can change whats going on in your life, if you just believe you can.  I have abandoned my desire to make art.  Whats wrong with me.  Sometimes I wonder.  I know that I have poisoned myself.  2010 is going to be a better year, not just because of good luck, but because I'm going to create a great year.  This year I was hoping that something, person, thing,or whatever would shed a bright light and everything would fall into place.  No more waiting, expecting for greater things to come.  2009 I was a baby, wanting someone to take care of me, feed me.  Bullshit. I know whats mine.  I know that I need to release my creativity.  I've ignored it for far to long.  I've been swimming in puddles of poison.  Another bad habit.  Sick of it all.  This is the last 10 months of my twenties.  After that I can kiss it all goodbye. I can be an endless daydreamer.  Daydreaming all day. I must do art.  I cant believe I stopped.  I fell in love and got distracted.  That always happens.  Only 2 more days left to figure out my master plan for 2010.  It's going to be Salty.  But its always worth it. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today's going to be a Beautiful Day

Artist: Mellowdrone Song: Beautiful Day Video: Done by some kid for his Animation Class. I wish Mellowdrone had a video for this song, its so pretty. But YouTube just had live versions and watching it live with people screaming just wasnt that cool. So here is Half the song. I saw this band in Los Angeles at the Troubador, they were awesome! I literally flew into L.A., went to the show, spent the night at my buddy's sisters house, woke up the next day, and flew home. I do not like L.A., so It was the perfect trip. Mellowdrone, you rule!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hot To Trot

Lookin Eccentric and Stylish, The Lovely Daphne Guinness. Her father not only created a great brew, but an awesome daughter. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dirty Flaws you know how to find them

Totally Rad pics are posted on Dirty Flaws. Extremely Beautiful Ugly. I love it. Creator is Zaid Ghanem Coutoure 2010

Something for the Wild.

Wendy O from the Plasmatics. Love you.

Remember 1993

Guess ad's with Drew Barrymore, where taped all over my room, wall to wall!! Those were the days living at home: sneaking out of my bedroom window, drinking on rooftops, pan-handeling money to take the Caltrain to San Fran, Doc Martens, flannels, Mazzy Star, ripped up 501's, bean and cheese burritos from Taco Bell, marlboro reds, 40's, grunge, punk, modern rock, K.O.M.E 98.5 and Easy E!!! Geez I could go on and on!! Wow! I think I had a FLASHBACK!! Dam time flies. Its like I dont know who that teenage girl was, was it really me? Its just a memory. Like a movie. Carefree, wild, curious, rebellious and naive. The F'n Guess Ads, takes me back. Im glad I experienced that era to its fullest. A time long ago when San Jose wasnt so New and Modern, it was old and dirty. To be young again......

Sunday, December 20, 2009

R.I.P. My Dear

Brittney Murphy died today at the young age of 32. So sad. It sucks when people die young. 2009 has been a tough year for many, me included. Mixing pills and booze is no good. I think this was probably the cause. Not that I know her personally. But thats what hot on Planet Fake Hollywood. Real Sad. Something about this pic I just love, yeah she looks drugged out, but there is an essence. Its in her eyes...... This pic is from the Movie Spun.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Monday, December 14, 2009


LAdy Gaga's last night at The Bill Graham Civic in San Fran.  Boo F'n Hoo! I didnt get tickets.  I couldnt afford them. The Dam things were going for $100.  Christmas time, is not the time to splurge on oneself.  So off to work I go.  I start soon, I should be getting all dolled up!  But instead Im blogging and sulking.  So, If i had a Sugar Daddy, the Tutu Outfit by Victor & Rolf's SRTW 2012, Bullet Stilletos, and perhaps Alexander McQueen accesories, would be what I would be wearing tonight to the concert. Oh, that would be AMAZING! But...But... YEAH, no Fairy Godmother or Sugar Daddy.  So jeans, black shirt, earrings, Docs and a real cute bar-key is whats really going on tonight.  Lady Gaga you will be blasting on the Juke Box!! 


Meow Magazine. I designed this fictitious magazine cover for my Photoshop class. At the moment I'm happy with it. I spend to much time trying to make all my projects purrrfect, that I fall behind. School is over on thursday. I'm running scarce on time. I had a blast doing this assignment. I'm a mag junkie, I know what readers are looking for. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

After Party

Josh Beech hanging out, interviewing male models. Must be nice to be a model. Not much to worry about.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Randoms oh Randoms

Just killing some time, while my chicken is baking. I used this Cuban, Garlic, lime marinade and I swear i cant get the scent off my fingerz!! Help!! Im sooo cuban tonight! Im soo great at baking chicken, I dont think i can mess this up, one bit. I've got loads of school work due, but i cant stop blog surfing!! I cant be Queen Slacker this week, school's done on the 16th. Tomarrow we get our X-Mas tree, I hope it doesnt rain. I usually get my tree the last weekend of November, but I'm Queen Slacker 2009, so this is the result......  Im posting this pic of a model walking with a bunny, I dont know whats up with me finding myself amused with bunny's, but this pic rulez....Also the hand holding a cigarette, while hanging out of a mailbox,  Is just totally cool. Blah Blah, I feel like Im cracked out on coffee, but Im just excited about my chicken dinner. Im going to freeze my ass off at the bar tonight, it's supposed to be 20 degrees!!! Burrrrrr!!! But work=money and money=x-mas gifts......O!This last pic of these cool kids in this car makes me jelous, Ive never wanted to be in a car with strangers ever, till I saw this...Enjoy! random random randoms

MEN, cant live with them, cant live without them

These pics were from an amazing photographer named Yvan Rodic. He's on blogger, check him out!!! Yep, I know I even have The Cobra-Snake(third from bottom) on this post.... Enjoy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bat for Lashes!

Just totally awesome, thats it... I saw this on check out her blog.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Honey Bunny

Johnny I understand why you love her...

She must have more confidence then me to look soo comfortable, looking soo tore up in this picture. I'm glad your happy.... Vannessa you rock.....