Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice

Today the Sun twirls it's longest dance
I fell in love with a band out of Hungary
Wish I was on a secluded beach in Carmel and camping in Big Sur.
So here are some photos of me doing just that, a few weeks back

Happy Summer Solstice!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Midnight Madonna

† † †
Happiness lies in your own hands
eXpress Yourself + Don't Repress Yourself
Not Sorry

Friday, June 9, 2017

Where you sleep

A home should be your sanctuary. I totally agree.
As a child I was a bit of a peeping tom.  I would stare at creative looking windows and wonder what their room and/or house looked like in the inside. In my neighborhood there was this gorgeous mysterious, 3 story Victorian.  A tiny old lady lived there alone.  My younger sister and I were obsessed with her.  We would always knock on her door and ask her to buy school fundraiser stuff.  We just wanted to peep in or better yet, get invited in. I even mailed her a letter and asked if she needed help with her garden.  I was willing to work for free.
Unfortunately, she passed away and the house was sold(tear)♥
Thanks "Nowness" for your mini episodes of " My Place" I can peep without being a weirdo.
Here is the Angelic Songbird
Florence Welch

And this Cute Specimen(she cracks me up, reminds me of my grandma),
Pat Moran

The freckled Beauty with the raspy voice
Adwoa Aboah

Zoe Bedeaux

Oh the pigments are RAVISHING!!

Introducing the work of
British Photographer & Filmaker
† NADIA Lee Cohen†
I am so obsessed! 
everythaang! everythaang! Is perfection.
Check it out! 
You're Velcome

Dontcha just Love?
Nadia Lee Cohen Website-- Here --
Nadia Lee Cohen Instagram -- Here --

(Her Instagram is entertaining to say the least)

Friday, June 2, 2017

The tides and redwoods are calling my name

The few days before vacation, my mind runs rampant. excitement completely consumes me. It's so hard to focus. I definitely test my discipline.  
After a long two year hiatus, the Girls Only Camping Trip is in 2 days!!!
Big Sur has had its devastation the last fews years, but its open to campers and the river is flowing like crazy!!
While gathering all the gear, and thinking of all the To Do's, neither of us thought about the music!!
We have no service at our campground so we cant play Pandora.
Why didnt I create a playlist? 
Lame.So Lame.
I guess I still have time.
This post is to motivate me 
and get the brain waves flowing so I can put together something! Anything at this point
Ok, this is a good start.