Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bitch'n Kitchen!

 The Kitchen at 678 is coming along Great!!! I wish I had some before pics, but it looks like I only got Work in Progress. Cute floor, Cute Dogs, Cute Cabinets and a Super Bad Ass Stove!!!  Boyfriends hard work is really starting to show.
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I went over to visit the Ever So Lovely Nubby at www.nubbytwiglet.com and she posted an interview with Creative Director Jordan Crane, at Wolff Olins New York, and I just had to quote him on his wonderful words of inspiration  "What you choose to learn should be completely dependent on you as a person. Passion shows. Don’t go through the process just to please those around you. Make yourself happy first and the positive mindset will trickle down."  I'm all about it!! Much props to Jordan and Nubby......

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekends Were Made For Fun!

So Saturday started off in Berkeley: Omega Salvage, The Sink Factory, Flea Market and Urban Ore... Boyfriend is turning the kitchen and bathroom into it's original state, THE 1940's... Yaye!! Then my dear friend, Amy and I started Sunday off at San Francisco's Antique Mall...The place is too much for words... On that note, we checked out the Folsom Street Faire.....C-R-A-Z-Y!! Geez!! We danced and saw some bands.....Everything we saw was a little bit much to post on a blog....Lets just say, It was an experience and I will probably not return next year... But this weekend was FUN!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm a Hollywood Starlet

Haahaaahaaa!! I ♥ Photoshop CS4!! Ive been real busy the last few weeks, school started and I've been picking up extra shifts at work. Photoshop is my first online class and I am sooo fortunate to enjoy doing my homework. The top image is my Homework 3.... The task is to composite an image with another and create a Duotone... So you see the two original pics and my Lovely Beautiful Masterpiece..... Buffalo 66 is a rad movie with lots of talented actors and the ever so sexy Vincent Gallo!!! How could I resist, I just had to be part of the MAGIC!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rockin October

Last night I went to San Francisco for the Zombie Pin-up Wrap up Partaye!  Pretty Cool, I got to meet some of the other Models and Mingle..... The Calender turned out real nice...I thank my sister Tiffany for hooking me up with this gig....I had a blast!!I'm Miss October, pretty Rad!! Check out the Calender at www.myzombiepinup.com   then, Buy one for only $19.99