Monday, July 24, 2017

We are sound waves

It's the ripple effect.
What you think,
you create in the ripple.
What you want will be yours.
Set your intentions.
Manifest your desires,
bury them in your bones.
Dance the dance
sing the song.
We are sounds waves.
Feed the wave
- My freestyle this morning -

How bout this Iris Van Herpen 
Runway Show?

Friday, July 21, 2017

You Talk to Much

It's Friday!
Time to Shimmy Shimmy!
Music Machine

Solo SF Trip to the Marina Fini Art Show

I attended my first Marina Fini art exhibit!!!
I was bummed I couldn't attend Opening Night, so I dragged my ass to SF this past Wednesday.
I had the whole place to myself. I arrived right when they opened, that's the secret.
Walking through this show brought back some memories of my old Rave Nights in SF circa 1994 (I was a little 13 year old tenderoni)
 Plus, I got to meet Marina, she welcomed me with a hug. Pretty Rad! 
She cruised me around the exhibit giving me a little dose of what inspired her to create some of her pieces. 
I was so overwhelmed by the exhibit( I walked through it like 5 times), I didn't snap any photos, I just took two Instagram Vids.
Click Below to watch
† My Iridescent Palm Trees †
Marina hooked me up with a pair of her infamous plexi earrings!  
Since she didnt have any Palm Trees earrings in iridescent already made, she found two matching pairs and turned them into earrings ( I filmed her working her magic in the last Insta Vid).
Total sweetheart.
Here are images of her work 
(These are not my photos, these are from Google Image Search) 
Pictured above is her Motelscapes
exhibit at ARTBasel Miami 2015
(I wanted to sell my soul to attend the show, Gaawwd!)
I love me some Miley Cyrus.  Rocking the infamous Mushroom Plexi earrings. 
Baddie Winkle being a Bad Ass!
I wish I could afford her custom door beads.
Seeing them in person is crazy, very meticulous and time consuming.  Thats why these babies are a pretty penny.
Marina told me, her and Baddie are close friends. I wish I could hug Baddie, she's my IDOL! HA!

If you are in the San Francisco Area, Heron Arts 
has this show open

Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's a thin line

Has anyone ever tried to emulate your life?
Would you feel flattered?
Would you feel agitated?
Would you feel harassed?
Well, this is what I've been dealing with for almost two decades.
I shrugged it off as flattery at first.  Then I became irritated.
This isn't just a case of, after you hang out with someone for awhile you start to dress the same and talk the same.  This happened to me immediately. This person did a total 180 in style, slang, music interest, dance moves, leisurely activities and hangout locations. This behavior is still going strong to this day.  I've tried distancing myself, not speaking of ideas and trying to remain humble. It didnt work.  Thanks Social Media.  So, this madness continues.
Where does one draw the line?
This is not cool on so many levels.
Why must I involve this person in my life?
Due to certain circumstances, I "had" to remain cordial and associate.
I've tried wrapping my head around this whole ordeal and I just cant.
I told myself this is petty, who cares. I'm not the only one who is into this that or the other. It's a free world!
I should be flattered!
I'm not going to dive into specifics, but the manner in which this mimicking behavior has went down, it's clearly abusive behavior.  This is beyond someone being inspired, it's antagonizing.

Fast Forward to today!
The magical universe has recently removed this person out of my life.  Unfortunately, this behavior has a deeper underlying issue that I no longer need to be part of.  This behavior will continue, except its not pushed in my face and I don't need to see this human.
My next step to clarity, is finishing this blog entry (because this is therapy) and leaving all this madness in the past.
Forward! March!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Road Trippin'

Time to get LOST!!
Went on a short but sweet road trip to Reno!
We cruised through some killer towns!!
Grass Valley, Historic Auburn, Truckee, Carson City, Sonora, Angels Camp, Jamestown to name a few!
We had thee best pizza at Pete's Pizza & Tap House
Tahoe National Forest was insanely beautiful
Reno was a trip! I havent been since 2002, and its still the same. Kinda cheesy, old school but still pretty cool.  We had steak and lobster, played some slot machines, got a free upgrade to a King Suite.  We didnt want to stay another night so we hit the high road!
Had to make a stop in Carson City at The Bunny Ranch to get some souvenirs. Boy was that place a trip too! I guess a few days prior, some tweaker dude stole a Big Rig and at 4am, smashed it into the facade of the Bunny Rand and jumped out in full camo gear?? ahahahahah!!  Read the whole crazy story (here
Along the way there was so much beauty, we actually stopped a few times but this was one of the best stops.  Check out my Instagram Vid.  You know I had my feet all up in that river
Click (here)

Caples Lake was off the charts!
 All I gotta say, is I wanna road trip back to all these spots and reserve a room in Sonora and a room in Murphy's. Im cool with Reno. AAhaha!

P.S. eL Dorado National Forest is pretty sick too

Life. Oh. Life.

Chillen Mega Hard at Burger Boogaloo!!
First time attending this lovely madness!
Cute John Waters introducing all the bands was 
Saw some great bands, Buzzcocks, X, Shannon and The Clams
and discovered some new bands like:
La Luz † 
Jacuzzi Boys

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice

Today the Sun twirls it's longest dance
I fell in love with a band out of Hungary
Wish I was on a secluded beach in Carmel and camping in Big Sur.
So here are some photos of me doing just that, a few weeks back

Happy Summer Solstice!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Midnight Madonna

† † †
Happiness lies in your own hands
eXpress Yourself + Don't Repress Yourself
Not Sorry

Friday, June 9, 2017

Where you sleep

A home should be your sanctuary. I totally agree.
As a child I was a bit of a peeping tom.  I would stare at creative looking windows and wonder what their room and/or house looked like in the inside. In my neighborhood there was this gorgeous mysterious, 3 story Victorian.  A tiny old lady lived there alone.  My younger sister and I were obsessed with her.  We would always knock on her door and ask her to buy school fundraiser stuff.  We just wanted to peep in or better yet, get invited in. I even mailed her a letter and asked if she needed help with her garden.  I was willing to work for free.
Unfortunately, she passed away and the house was sold(tear)♥
Thanks "Nowness" for your mini episodes of " My Place" I can peep without being a weirdo.
Here is the Angelic Songbird
Florence Welch

And this Cute Specimen(she cracks me up, reminds me of my grandma),
Pat Moran

The freckled Beauty with the raspy voice
Adwoa Aboah

Zoe Bedeaux

Oh the pigments are RAVISHING!!

Introducing the work of
British Photographer & Filmaker
† NADIA Lee Cohen†
I am so obsessed! 
everythaang! everythaang! Is perfection.
Check it out! 
You're Velcome

Dontcha just Love?
Nadia Lee Cohen Website-- Here --
Nadia Lee Cohen Instagram -- Here --

(Her Instagram is entertaining to say the least)

Friday, June 2, 2017

The tides and redwoods are calling my name

The few days before vacation, my mind runs rampant. excitement completely consumes me. It's so hard to focus. I definitely test my discipline.  
After a long two year hiatus, the Girls Only Camping Trip is in 2 days!!!
Big Sur has had its devastation the last fews years, but its open to campers and the river is flowing like crazy!!
While gathering all the gear, and thinking of all the To Do's, neither of us thought about the music!!
We have no service at our campground so we cant play Pandora.
Why didnt I create a playlist? 
Lame.So Lame.
I guess I still have time.
This post is to motivate me 
and get the brain waves flowing so I can put together something! Anything at this point
Ok, this is a good start.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I am the night, yeeeaaahhhh!!!

Crushed on Chris Cornell in the Temple of The Dog, days. Ugh! He was Dream Boat City!!!

I'm going hungry!!! 
(Dam! So good with eddie Vedder)

experienced my first and only meditation to
"I am the Highway"
I posted this video because its important to read the lyrics and hear his voice. Not to mention, Tom Morello rocks a pretty awesome guitar solo
(Nevermind the shitty quality of the recording)

Rest in Paradise Chris Cornell

Monday, May 15, 2017

I'm not like everybody else

Not in this lifetime.
I never joined a fad, never liked a band because everyone else did. I always had my own flair, walked to the beat of my own drum. Although, I was persuaded to try pot and drink forties as a teen(ahahaah!).  But hey, that's the extent of it.
Ive been picked on, disliked, and an outcast majority of my life, because I never walked the line. I'm ok with that.
 I love my weird self.
Heard this song today while I was driving and it just resonates

end of rant

Thursday, May 4, 2017

To Do List

 I want to learn Spanish!  Until then, I'll sing along to these songs and pretend!
 I would also like to dedicate a year of my life, dressing like Keith Richards.  Cool Keith Maan!!!

Last but not least,
I should learn Flamenco!
I kinda posses that dancing style already. aahah!! A little practice doesn't hurt nobody

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Down in New Orleans

Spontaneous NOLA trip with my dear friend Gina and her Philly Friends.
One day of humidity and the rest of our trip felt like a California Breeze!
Do I always bring the good weather? hahaha!
Our airbnb host Monica Kelly, is a local artist and an art teacher.
Her home was beautiful and eclectic with two second level patios!!

Another rad trip for the books!!
I love you NOLA! If you didn't have humidity and were 6 feet below sea level, I would totally move there!! You always show me so much love and I'm always heartbroken when I leave. 
Take me back!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Muddy Waters

Reading my mind baby

Good Times

Wish I was here.
Rolling in with the Stones and their crew!
My main squeeze Keith Richards opening up that bottle of booze with a switch blade! 
Oh LAWWD, where has all the cool gone?
The blues and rock n roll together in harmony

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Ocean shimmers and glows

And your smile makes it bright
Mazzy Star, my savior...
Count My Stars

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

And this

So good.
But all their music is.

Stoned & Dethroned

My BABIES are coming to town!!
Jesus and the Mary Chain announce their Noth American Tour!
This song.Right Now.Perfect Timing.
I'm tired of the same exhausting game.
I've been swimming in the dirty water.
Time to swim upstream.
Cleansing Time Baby!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This is all I ever need

Swimming in a sea of doubt;
and this song reassures me that everything will always be ok.
This is an oldie but goodie from the album, "An Open Door" 2011.
September these dreamboats make their way 
to Oakland to open up 
for The Chameleons.
I will not MISS THIS!!

I'm never going to cry again

Dis one good too
That Beat!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017