Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Regrets

 Last night I watched Le Vie en Rose.  This movie is beautiful.  I cryed my eyes out and I dont know if I have the strength to watch it again, but I do recommend it.  Just make sure whom ever you watch it with you dont mind crying in front of.  I was so deeply sadden at the end I had to watch garbage tv before i went to sleep because i was a bit traumatized. So i put on House Wives of Atlanta to shake the pain away. Heehehe! Anyway, this first video is the trailer and I added a performance by the lovely Edith Piaf and the last video is of Marion Cotillard.  I love her NOW!!!



  1. this movie is perfect...

  2. Isnt it. I have been singing around my house, pretending I know French. Im no Sparrow but definitely a Mocking Bird. lol!