Saturday, February 5, 2011

When's Your 15 minutes Of Fame?

Stayed in last night and watched this movie on Netflicks.  Its a must.  This is a great behind the scenes look at Modeling.

AND! I thru this one in "Catwalk" a documentry  by Christy Turlington.  I became obsessed with Christy in 1992, I was only 11 years old. I didn't want Big Bopper Magazine like all the other kids, I wanted Vogue, dam it!  I eventually had 2 binders full of all her editorials and any picture that i could find.  Then one day in 1996, while browsing thru my old video store I came across this VHS and had to rent it.  After returning the video, 2 days later my punk ass boyfriend told me he has a surprise for me.  I feel bad saying this, but the dumb ass stole it from the store and had it wrapped in magazine editorials.  And yes, my punk ass kept it and i still have it to this day.  Hey, i was 15, stupid and had no money.  Forgive Me Please!!! :)  Anyways, watch this little clip and head over to Amazon and buy the VHS, its amazing, Lots of designers, Lots of SUPER MODELS and KATE MOSS is sooo dam young!

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