Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Give Me All The Dam Bloody Flamingo's

And the madness begins:
Above is a picture of my favorite Vintage Lounge Chair.  Perfect for sunbathing and drinking cocktails.  The dogs trashed my cushion so I havent been able to chill on it for awhile now.  Since the weather is getting nice I've been hunting from garage sale, estate sale to Flea Markets to find a cool retro cushion for cheap.  New cushions are like $50 for an ugly cheap one. Ew! So i decided today i would search the W.W.W. for a Flamingo Print Chaise Lounge Cushion.  I looked for hours! No luck!  Along the way I discovered that Brandon Flowers has a solo album called Flamingo (2010), the Album's Art Direction is pretty cool. And it has a few good songs. Check it out!

How can someone not love Pink Flamingo's? Just look how pretty they are
Airstreams and Flamingo's Go Hand in Hand

 Check Out the Hilton Flamingo Hotel circa 1977

This just might be me in the future (below or above) lol!
Think Pink Babes!

There is a method to this Pink Flamingo Madness, I WILL get my dam Cushion!  So if anyone knows of an Etsy Shop that makes custom cushions, PLEASE let me know.... Thanks!

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  1. Flamingos! I feel like I forgot those animals even existed until now seeing that photo. Love those lil birds. xo

    strawberry freckleface