Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Its Gold

What happens when you have a Fantastic Summer? You need to work your ass off to pay for all these Extravaganza's!! With that in mind, I've been neglecting some awesome hobbies.  For example: blogging, painting and my shop, 
So I set out yesterday with my Mega Babe BFF and snapped a few pictures for Heart Of Gold.  We had  such a Blast! I miss dressing up babes and editing pictures.  FOR REAL!
  Below are a few teasers.  Check it Yo!

Heart Of Gold Vintage is in desperate need of a Re-Vamp! 
Im going to clean up shop this week and start fresh with a thrifting tour up the peninsula to San Francisco!!!
Meanwhile I changed the site for starters, wanna see?
Much Love Ciao!

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