Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Impressed enough to talk shit

Forgive me dedicated Grimes fans for I am about to express my negative opinion.
I saw Grimes open up for Lykke Li last winter... She annoyed the crap outta me... She was so soft spoken and hunched over, I wanted to shake some confidence into her! Im sorry Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) is shy and reserved, but at least she exudes vocal talent and mystery...  Grimes not only cleared the room with her performance but afterwards was running around barefoot like a robot homeless hippie...  I have given her music a few more plays, with hopes that becoming familiar I could learn to love it.. Eh, no, not feeling it... She's a cute girl and chills with LAdy Tragik and Kreyshawn, whom I love!! But after watching her video (Below) the only cool-ness is the Cyborg Punk Chick with the pink braids... The driving the SUV thru the dessert, MIA(Bad Girls) already did it, oVER IT... The snake, Britney Spears claimed that accessory, almost wearing the same outfit as Grimes.... This some LAME shit.. Check it out


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