Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Moving Forward

Guess What! After buying on Etsy since 2009, I decided I wanted to open up my Heart Of Gold Vintage store to Etsy.  And to my surprise, someone has snagged that shop name. WTF? Ive been selling under Heart Of Gold Vintage since 2009.  Before I even decided to use that name I searched the internet (Blogger, Google, Twitter etc...) nothing came up. So I began my journey via Blogger, Ebay and currently I sell on BIG CARTEL est. in 2010.  Since I do not have a trademark for Heart Of Gold Vintage anyone register it on Etsy.  Ive contacted the shop owner, to let her know Ive been selling under HOGV for 4 years.  She doesn't seem to interested. Since the store name was available, she assumed no one had ties to that name.  This totally sucks.  I guess some people don't care to do the right thing.  As long as they have a "legal right", moral can eat shit.
With that being said, I opened an Etsy shop anyway.
Heart Of Gold Vintage now lives under:
I am slowly adding items
Check It Out!!!!

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