Friday, March 14, 2014


I have to admit, I'm totally diggin the 90's trend.  I was in denial for a few months trying to not feel the nostalgia.  But FUCK IT! I'm so about it! BEING a raver, punk, grunge queen, graffiti artist and drinking 40's was DOPE! (Yes, back then my style combined all these elements) Man if I only kept all my stuff. Haahaha!  But you know what? It's kinda fun digging thru the girls section at thrift stores.
I mean C'Mon check out how cool Drew was in the 90s.  MEGA BABE!!!

Feeling inspired, I just listed this cute little daisy skirt on my ETSY.  Dam thing is freaking adorable !!!
In the coming week I should have some FUN 90s threads hitting my shop, 
Stay Tuned!

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