Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bandit Town

4th of July, I got to check out Jen McMillan's creator of Bandit Brand, little slice of heaven.  This gem is called 
We loaded up the old school rides and hit the road to North Fork.
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As soon as we got into North Fork we stopped for a cold beer at The Buckhorn Saloon (rad bar).  Check out this bike with a bitchin sissy seat.  
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We arrived to Bandit Town fairly early.  So we were able to get a prime spot.
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Wes made Venison Bacon Egg Burgers for dinner the 1st night.
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I walked around and snapped some pictures before majority of the campers arrived.
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I met the beautiful and talented 
She is a true sweetheart.  Here she is wearing 
Fringe Western Blouse
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 She rides motorcycles and horses too.

Our first day/night consisted of drinking, eating, mingling and watching some rad bands.
The next day we spent the whole day at Lake Manzanita.  It was killer since it was just down the road, a mile from Bandit Town.  Woo Hoo!  
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When we got back all the vendors were set up and I scored some awesome stuff.  More bands played at the saloon and there was a Wet TShirt contest!
To nighcap the evening Whitey Morgan and Nikki Lane sang campfire songs and some of the Bandit Babes passed out free shots of apple pie moonshine.

It was sad to leave.  But I will return.  Bandit Town has a few more events already on the roster.  Till next time!
Thanks Jen, you rule!!!


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