Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ManiaMania !!!

The Decade Ring:
It all started with the boyfriend and I discussing our 10 Year Anniversary (November 15th).  We have decided to symbolize this special moment with a fine embellishment.  Pretty much, I get to choose a mutha fucken ring (HELLZ YEAH!).  We often get asked why we are not engaged/married.  Although neither one of us are anti-marriage, we both agree that it's nice to have something to look forward to.  We will probably get married in our 60's, and i will most likely be wearing a Black Lace Gown. haa! With that being said, I found the ring. I decided to go with a brand whom I've always adored.  I dont want to jinx anything, so I wont post pictures just yet.  Plus, I'm getting it customized so the design will be a tad different.  But, I will post my favorite ManiaMania Campaign Video with the ever so gorgeous Abbey Lee.
(watch them all, they totally rule!)


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