Friday, August 28, 2015

Gimme Gimme

Last night I watched " Electric Slide" directed by Tristen Patterson. I was not to impressed by the storyline or Jim Sturgess acting (maybe he was supposed to be that cheesy character?).  
The art direction, soundtrack and clothes are divine!!! AND that 1963 Ford Galaxy, I would prostitute for! (Im totally kidding, but you get the point)  I was visually pleased from beginning to end.  I adore Chloe Sevigny, she looks so rad in this flick ♥  Patricia Arquette and Isabel Lucas sport some killer threads too!
Check it out:
The soundtrack is groovy with Gang of Four, Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, X, Magazine and the Psychedelic Furs to name my favs.
If your into music, great camera angles, and cool clothes watch this movie.  Remember the actual plot isn't to awesome, neither is the acting, BUT who cares everything else is so on point, you will still be pleased.

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