Friday, August 5, 2016

You give good love

Circa 1987.  My sister and I would record songs off the radio, try to write down every verse, and practice our singing skills.  Remember hitting "Play" & "Record" at the same time??? haahaa! So this song right here, I was so stubborn, I would practice till I pissed my sister off, because she wanted to practice her song(probably Paula Abdul).  Its crazy at 7 years old I had High Hopes to sound as flawless as Whitney Houston.  Thank god I never sang this at a school talent show. 
Lately Ive been on the "Stranger Things" Netflix Binge.  So ive been reminiscing on my childhood.  Dude! Being a kid in the 80s was so cool.  We played outside, skateboarded, roller skated, had club houses, told ghost stories, played Bloody Mary in the Girls Bathroom, ate Otter Pops, and had cool VH1 & MTV Award Shows.  I could go on and on.... Yea, so that Netflix Series, Stranger Things, go watch it if your an 80's Babaye!  The soundtrack is pretty sick too

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