Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You are my Obsession

There was a time in my life, that when I looked at Johnny Depp, I felt a connection....I was not embarrassed to talk about it with anyone, because I was sooooo sure that Johnny and I had a future together. (Im laughing right now, serious.) I felt this warmth deep in my heart, a comfort zone, like we were two souls destined to find one another( Im laughing again) I was positive that if he ever set eyes on me, he would fall head over heels. I told myself that I would not be a home wrecker, so he would have to be separated from Vannessa Pardis, to even consider taking me out on a date. (hahhaaa, Im Nucking Futs!) It's been almost 4 years since my last "Obsessed with Johnny Depp Day" Then I came across this photo, and when I looked at Johnny, then at Kate, then back at Johnny, I realized it was just puppy love, I never really loved him, I was OBSESSED!!! I cant complain, he was the best obsession EVER!!! I wish it could happen all over again.............But that doesnt mean, If I am on vacation in Paris, sitting outside a Bohemian cafe sipping, on tea, and Johnny (In a Flirtatious manner) comes right up and asks "Would you happen to have a light, my dear?" You bet my reply will be " Of course Handsome" then I will spend the rest of the day, with Johnny, as my Paris Tour Guide... Uhummmmmm......... Yea, I'm sooooo over him..

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