Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Friday, and I'm in Love!

Woke up, got ready, hopped on my bicycle and met up with my buddy Julius.  We took a stroll down to Smoke Tiki Lounge, and had some Ahi Poki Salad, Tri-Tip and a Beer...Everything was to die for.  My good buddy Shannon works as lead Chef in the kitchen and he HOOKED it up!!  Then we traveled to the Farmers Market (a couple blocks away) and I picked up some flowers and relaxed at the Firehouse (which has an awesome patio).. There, we socialized and had another beer....Yum!!  I went home to wait for Boyfriend to get off work.  And when he arrived, we  jumped back on the bikes,  got Jules and headed off BACK to Smoke Tiki to listen to live music and nibble on appetizers.... Good Times

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