Monday, October 5, 2009

It's in the Cards!!

What a weekend...... So calm, so peaceful, so....ummm? like no other.... Scotts Video rules! Located at the corner of Bird and Willow.  This is a REAL video store. They even have a Tim Burton section. So Awesome! The dude with the dreads recomended Frankaweenie, a black and white flick by Tim Burton.  I also took home "The Girlfriend Experience", " Romper Stomper" ( Real Violent Skin Head flick with Russel Crowe) and the great classic "Peewee's Big Adventure"..... 
Here is a preview of Frankaweenie:

I love Fall, the leaves the cold weather and a great reason to stay in. Next is the rain.
Oh last night Offspring, Boyfriend and I ate Wings(Chinese Restaurant) and this was
inside my Fortune Cookie:

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