Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Queen is Dead

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Ugh! So Tuesday I started to feel a little blue, but I took an Advil and went on a bike ride with my Homeslice Sara.. We cruised around town and picked flowers.  Totally Awesome! ... To conclude such a beautiful day we stopped at Jack's Bar for a cold one. Cheers!
 So that night I was chillin on the couch reading my new adventure, Just Kids, by Patti Smith (Rad Book so far), and This Bitch starts feeling like SHIZ! Ugh! 
I passed out, to wake up Wednesday morning with the chills, sweating like crazy and a mega headache! WTF! The Queen is Dead!
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I'm thinking, "Dam, it's Wednesday, I have to work tonight I need the ca$h"... (Being a bartender has it's pro's and con's...) So I crashed on the couch all day
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And loaded up on these Goodies!
Had some Vegetarian Spicy Pho, for Din Din

Rested for a tad bit, took a shot of DayQuil, then got all dolled up and went to work at The Dive Bar!
I was stoked that I actually made it into work! When my Friend/Co-Worker Tracy came to work she brought me a delicious mason jar full of Organic Fruit and Veggie Juice! This was off the hook! Yummmmy! I swear I need a Juicer. I felt awesome the rest of the night and we kicked ass all night! Hey, Cha-Ching $$$!! I woke up this morning feeling sooo much better. Thank God!

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