Friday, June 2, 2017

The tides and redwoods are calling my name

The few days before vacation, my mind runs rampant. excitement completely consumes me. It's so hard to focus. I definitely test my discipline.  
After a long two year hiatus, the Girls Only Camping Trip is in 2 days!!!
Big Sur has had its devastation the last fews years, but its open to campers and the river is flowing like crazy!!
While gathering all the gear, and thinking of all the To Do's, neither of us thought about the music!!
We have no service at our campground so we cant play Pandora.
Why didnt I create a playlist? 
Lame.So Lame.
I guess I still have time.
This post is to motivate me 
and get the brain waves flowing so I can put together something! Anything at this point
Ok, this is a good start.

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