Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wrote this in my new i-D Mag.  Thats how I am feeling today.  I want more.  Sometimes you forget that you can change whats going on in your life, if you just believe you can.  I have abandoned my desire to make art.  Whats wrong with me.  Sometimes I wonder.  I know that I have poisoned myself.  2010 is going to be a better year, not just because of good luck, but because I'm going to create a great year.  This year I was hoping that something, person, thing,or whatever would shed a bright light and everything would fall into place.  No more waiting, expecting for greater things to come.  2009 I was a baby, wanting someone to take care of me, feed me.  Bullshit. I know whats mine.  I know that I need to release my creativity.  I've ignored it for far to long.  I've been swimming in puddles of poison.  Another bad habit.  Sick of it all.  This is the last 10 months of my twenties.  After that I can kiss it all goodbye. I can be an endless daydreamer.  Daydreaming all day. I must do art.  I cant believe I stopped.  I fell in love and got distracted.  That always happens.  Only 2 more days left to figure out my master plan for 2010.  It's going to be Salty.  But its always worth it. 

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