Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Remember 1993

Guess ad's with Drew Barrymore, where taped all over my room, wall to wall!! Those were the days living at home: sneaking out of my bedroom window, drinking on rooftops, pan-handeling money to take the Caltrain to San Fran, Doc Martens, flannels, Mazzy Star, ripped up 501's, bean and cheese burritos from Taco Bell, marlboro reds, 40's, grunge, punk, modern rock, K.O.M.E 98.5 and Easy E!!! Geez I could go on and on!! Wow! I think I had a FLASHBACK!! Dam time flies. Its like I dont know who that teenage girl was, was it really me? Its just a memory. Like a movie. Carefree, wild, curious, rebellious and naive. The F'n Guess Ads, takes me back. Im glad I experienced that era to its fullest. A time long ago when San Jose wasnt so New and Modern, it was old and dirty. To be young again......

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