Friday, July 21, 2017

Solo SF Trip to the Marina Fini Art Show

I attended my first Marina Fini art exhibit!!!
I was bummed I couldn't attend Opening Night, so I dragged my ass to SF this past Wednesday.
I had the whole place to myself. I arrived right when they opened, that's the secret.
Walking through this show brought back some memories of my old Rave Nights in SF circa 1994 (I was a little 13 year old tenderoni)
 Plus, I got to meet Marina, she welcomed me with a hug. Pretty Rad! 
She cruised me around the exhibit giving me a little dose of what inspired her to create some of her pieces. 
I was so overwhelmed by the exhibit( I walked through it like 5 times), I didn't snap any photos, I just took two Instagram Vids.
Click Below to watch
† My Iridescent Palm Trees †
Marina hooked me up with a pair of her infamous plexi earrings!  
Since she didnt have any Palm Trees earrings in iridescent already made, she found two matching pairs and turned them into earrings ( I filmed her working her magic in the last Insta Vid).
Total sweetheart.
Here are images of her work 
(These are not my photos, these are from Google Image Search) 
Pictured above is her Motelscapes
exhibit at ARTBasel Miami 2015
(I wanted to sell my soul to attend the show, Gaawwd!)
I love me some Miley Cyrus.  Rocking the infamous Mushroom Plexi earrings. 
Baddie Winkle being a Bad Ass!
I wish I could afford her custom door beads.
Seeing them in person is crazy, very meticulous and time consuming.  Thats why these babies are a pretty penny.
Marina told me, her and Baddie are close friends. I wish I could hug Baddie, she's my IDOL! HA!

If you are in the San Francisco Area, Heron Arts 
has this show open

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