Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's a thin line

Has anyone ever tried to emulate your life?
Would you feel flattered?
Would you feel agitated?
Would you feel harassed?
Well, this is what I've been dealing with for almost two decades.
I shrugged it off as flattery at first.  Then I became irritated.
This isn't just a case of, after you hang out with someone for awhile you start to dress the same and talk the same.  This happened to me immediately. This person did a total 180 in style, slang, music interest, dance moves, leisurely activities and hangout locations. This behavior is still going strong to this day.  I've tried distancing myself, not speaking of ideas and trying to remain humble. It didnt work.  Thanks Social Media.  So, this madness continues.
Where does one draw the line?
This is not cool on so many levels.
Why must I involve this person in my life?
Due to certain circumstances, I "had" to remain cordial and associate.
I've tried wrapping my head around this whole ordeal and I just cant.
I told myself this is petty, who cares. I'm not the only one who is into this that or the other. It's a free world!
I should be flattered!
I'm not going to dive into specifics, but the manner in which this mimicking behavior has went down, it's clearly abusive behavior.  This is beyond someone being inspired, it's antagonizing.

Fast Forward to today!
The magical universe has recently removed this person out of my life.  Unfortunately, this behavior has a deeper underlying issue that I no longer need to be part of.  This behavior will continue, except its not pushed in my face and I don't need to see this human.
My next step to clarity, is finishing this blog entry (because this is therapy) and leaving all this madness in the past.
Forward! March!!

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